Letting Go; The Act, The Art, and the Sweet Surrender

As we enter the beautiful season of fall I am reminded of the importance and need to let go.  Over the last several months I have been taking on too much, feeling as though I could do everything on my own. Unfortunately this is a regular pattern for me, and I am again reminded of my own limitations and have been forced into a place of needing to let go.  Let me just say letting go is not as easy as the trees make it look.  There is so much to the process of letting go, and this process is often overlooked.  What I have learned in the art of letting go is that there is a process to it, it's not just about removing things from our lives, we must be willing to move through the process before the act of letting go can occur.  Letting go comes with a certain amount of fear as we are not sure what awaits us, or what is on the other side of it. I tried something new and recorded a video blog to talk further about letting go. The video is posted in two parts. In part one I talk about the a

Welcome to Three Acres, Dixie!

A beautiful addition!  We are super excited to announce that we have added to our herd! Please welcome Miss Dixie! Dixie was kindly donated to us by Miss Sophia Myers! Dixie was previously living here in Lincoln and was the companion and riding teacher for Sophia.  Sophia's hard work and Dixie's guidance helped her to become a great rider, and she is moving onto a bigger horse to continue perfecting her skills, and while it was very hard for her to let Dixie go, we are so happy that she chose us to provide Dixie with a new home and a new career!  Prior to being owned and loved by Sophia and her family, Dixie was living at a horse rescue facility, after being removed from a neglectful environment. Dixie is 24 years old but looks much younger thanks to the love she was given by Wynmore farms and the Myers family.  While Dixie has that baby face, she has actually had two babies of her own!  Dixie is described as being very patient and kind. Since she has been with us she has been

Grief; It Comes In Waves

Wow, what a month! I have to admit it's been somewhat of a whirlwind for many, including myself. I personally have experienced a range of emotions including excitement, sadness, hope, defeat, empowerment, joy, fear, gratitude, and surrender. In light of all that, and the increase in COVID cases and a new mask mandate, I felt it only appropriate to write a little about grief. I hope you find this helpful. Please feel free to leave feedback, reach out via email, or through the “Hay Keri” section on the website.  Grief comes in waves. Sometimes the grief comes in like a tropical storm and it lasts for days.  You feel the oncoming of it, at times you may feel irritable, overwhelmed, exhausted, hopeless, and have this ache in your tummy.  You may try to hide from it, run away and distract yourself from what you are feeling.  However hard you try though it has a way of making itself known.  The longer you deny what you are feeling the more intense it becomes.  Some people are unaware of

Staff Meeting and Honoring Fear

  We had our first “staff” meeting during the month of June and it went really well with the exception of two of our people unable to attend. We held our meeting equine-learning style (which is way more interesting than any other staff meeting I have attended). My plan was to do the meeting as a group and obviously the horses were a part of that. I thought that I would be a participant and a therapist stepping in and out of the role. It can get a little tricky to do this but it's totally possible. Anyway, that was the plan, but one of the many things I have learned with equine therapy is that things usually never go according to plan. My team ended up being the therapist and I was more like the participant. However, as a team we all had our roles as a group. In this “staff meeting” I was able to see what I had been feeling but avoided saying. It is fear. I realized I am afraid of a lot of things, especially starting a business. With the support of my team and the interactions of th

Lets Talk Mental Wellness and Mental Illness

  Lets Talk Mental Wellness and Mental Illness As a therapist and a person who lives this life finding a balance between my mental wellness and my mental illness, I have noticed that there is a significant amount of shame, guilt, irrational ownership, blame, and did I mention shame, surrounding a persons current state of overall mental wellness.  What I have seen people often fail to understand is that mental illness is really not a whole lot different than a physical illness and you never really here any one telling you to "just stop throwing up" when you have the flu, when your gall bladder has gone bad, or worse if you have stomach cancer.  That's the thing when it comes to depression and anxiety especially, people who love those who suffer from these illnesses often have the best of intentions when they recommend thinking about something else, going for a walk, just smile, or asking questions like "why can't you just be happy?"  For those of us who truly

June Newsletter

Photo credit to Depositimages Getting Started - Thank you!         First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has reached out after seeing our story on 10/11 NOW by Kamri Sylve.  I also want to give a big thank you to Kamri for doing such an excellent job on the story. It’s hard work to put someone’s passion, years of work, and all the experiences into a minute and thirty seconds, but she did it and did it well!  A big thank you also goes to my beautiful daughter who had a random feeling one day to ask a Facebook group she belongs to about marketing ideas for Three Acres. That is how Kamri found us which ultimately led many of you to our website and we hope the word continues to spread!  We are so happy that more of the community knows that this service is available!  Speaking of big thanks, how about a little introduction to our Staff and Volunteers!  Support Staff: (Holding it all together and keeping it Rolling!)  Michelle - Community Engagement and Marketing Manager   Madalynn

Welcome to Three Acres

About Us Three Acres, LLC assists those seeking to heal, evolve, create, and sustain lasting physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. We offer a variety of services to best fit your needs - wherever you may be on your wellness journey. Services include: Equine-assisted therapy, counseling, and coaching for individuals and families Individual and family counseling, coaching, and consulting Therapeutic, educational, and metaphysical workshops, retreats, and physical wellness classes Unique and engaging volunteer opportunities The vision of Three Acres is to provide a safe space for anyone seeking wellness, growth, or personal progress. Whether you are healing from trauma, experiencing life transitions, coping with mental illness, suffering from burn-out, or are simply looking for a place of refuge where you can receive education and support - we are here to help.   Three Acres is made up of a small and caring staff: Keri Nider, LADC, LIMHP, Owner and Therapist Tom Nider, Grounds Manager